Tele Vue NP101is

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CCD cameras have challenged telescope optics beyond anything ever placed at the focal plane. I knew our APO objectives were up to the challenge, and with the proper tweaks would be extraordinary tools for the imager. With Tele Vue Imaging System ("is") telescopes, we have refined our instruments and optional equipment beyond anything a CCD chip has seen. We started small (literally) in 2005 with the Tele Vue-60is and available Digital Micrometer Kit. Achieving critical acclaim with the 60is, we were encouraged to further develop "is" telescopes and accessories to maximize aperture, real field coverage and performance, and to make the processes easier for the imager.

- Al Nagler

For 30 years, Tele Vue has pushed the boundaries of APO refractors, as well as eyepieces, to the recognized pinnacle of performance. We were gratified but not surprised that Backyard Astronomer's Guide said of the NP101: "optics don't get any better than this." No wonder Sky and Telescope rated the NP101 tops and selected it as the test instrument for its landmark review of the SBIG STL11000 CCD camera . The "is" versions of the Tele Vue-60, NP101, and NP127 retain the exemplary wide field and planetary visual capability while adding new features to make imaging easier and more flexible.


Included Accessories:

Enlarged focuser with 3" entrance aperture and 2.4" exit aperture
Focuser body has brass clamp ring with 2-lock knobs
Accessory end-ring with tilt capability and 4-lock knobs
Imaging insert threaded for Imaging System components.
2" accessory insert for visual or other 2" accessories
Focusmate dual-speed focuser 10:1
Sliding metal dew shield
Screw-on metal lens cover
Hard-shell carry case

Type: APO (Nagler-Petzval) Refractor
Primary Diameter: 101mm
Focal Length: 540mm
Focal Ratio: f/5.4
Focuser: 2.4-inch, Focusmate dual-speed rack/pinion
Mount: Not Included
Telescope Length: 25.5/28.5(w/diagonal)
Telescope Weight, Optical Tube/Assembled: 10.7lbs/10.7lbs
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