Tele Vue

Since Al Nagler released his first plossl eyepiece in 1979, his name and his company have stood the test of time for one reason, QUALITY.  TeleVue Optics is one of the premier astronomy optic companies in the entire world today.  The attention to detail, customer service, and the quality of the products produced by TeleVue is nothing less than incredible.  The TeleVue line-up of eyepieces is innovative and consistently considered among the finest that can be bought anywhere on this planet.  The TeleVue telescopes are world-class instruments and the choice of many visual observers and astro-imagers as well.

At the Observatory we use TeleVue optics every day and night we are open. We have virtually every TeleVue eyepiece in our eyepiece cabinet and proudly carry a near-complete TeleVue demonstrator kit to most star parties..  We urge our customers to try our TeleVue products.  They are usually very excited about the views through the eyepiece.  For those of us who use TeleVue products every day, we're not suprised.

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